Contemporary Art and New Media: Toward a Hybrid Discourse?

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Shanken, Edward A. Contemporary Art and New Media: Digital Divide or Hybrid Discourse? A Companion to Digital Art, ed. Christiane Paul. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016): 463-81.
Cornell, Lauren and Brian Droitcour. “Technical Difficulties” (Reply to Claire Bishop, “Digital Divide” and Bishop’s rejoinder), 2013.
Lichty, Patrick. “A Disjointed Conversation – Claire Bishop, The Digital Divide, and the State of New Media Contemporary Art,” 2013.
Quaranta, Domenico. Beyond New Media Art (2013).
Shanken, Edward A. “The $34.2 Million Question: Rewriting Histories or Staging Alternative Futures” (2013).
Teasdale, Paul. “Net Gains: Claire Bishop vs. the Internet,” 2013.
Artnodes 11 (Nov 2011) includes ten essays drawn from 2011 CAA panel, “Contemporary Art, Art-Science, and New Media” (sound recordings in MEDIA, below)
Bishop, Claire. “Digital Divide” (link, requires paswsord). Printer-friendly .pdf  2012.
Dekker, Annet.
“Conversations with Curators #2: Domenico Quaranta”  2012.
Shanken, Edward A. 
“Investigatory Art:  Real Time Systems and Network Culture” (2012). Presentation
Talkback: responses to Bishop’s “Digital Divide” including comments by Marc Garrett, Honor Harger, John Ippolito, Sarah Cook, Domenico Quaranta, and others.(2012)
Johnson, Paddy.
“Is New Media Accepted in the Art World? Domenico Quaranta’s Media, New Media, Postmedia”  2011.
Shanken, Edward A. “Response to “Is New Media Accepted in the Art World? Domenico Quaranta’s Media, New Media, Postmedia 2011.
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New Media, Art-Science, and Mainstream Contemporary Art: Toward a Hybrid Discourse?    Panel discussion at CAA Annual Conference, 2011.

Full details (theme description, panelists, paper abstracts)
Podcasts (.mov audio files) Shared under Creative Commons CC BY-NC license
Part 1.  Shanken (chair’s intro), Cristina Albu, Jamie Allen (31′, 22MB)
Part 2.  Jean Gagnon, Ji-hoon Kim (28′, 23MB)
Part 3.  Philip Galanter, Jane Prophet, Christiane Paul (42′, 34MB)
Part 4.  Ronald Jones, Paul Thomas (41′, 33MB)

Conference papers published in bilingual (Eng/Span)  Artnodes 11 (Nov 2011).
Review of CAA, including this panel, in Metropolis M

Contemporary Art and New Media: Towards a Hybrid Discourse? Art Basel Conversation, 2010
Video with Nicolas Bourriaud, Michael Grey, Peter Weibel, and Ed Shanken (36′)



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  1. hey! thank you for this!
    great documentation although Weibel was not easy to decode :p


    May 5, 2012 at 3:31 pm

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